Larry's VW Trike

Assembly to start 5/21/08

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Larrys VW Trike 1392.jpg
I have all the pieces cut to put a new VW trike together. The white piece is the base and nearly six feet long. The odd shape rectangular piece is welded to the torsion. The cut out is for the shift rod/coupler to pass through.
Larrys VW Trike 1393.jpg
This is how they will go together. the yellow pieces are gussets? to go across where the two frame pieces are joined. the angle is 45 degrees and thre rake will be the same.
Larrys VW Trike 1394.jpg
These are all the parts for the leading link front end.
Larrys VW Trike 1395.jpg
The top triple tree. The trees are made from 1/2" x 3" flatbar. The legs are bolted through  the outer holes.
Larrys VW Trike 1396.jpg
The bottom tree. The legs will be welded to the cut outs, and the stem welded in the hole.
Larrys VW Trike 1397.jpg
These are the 7/8" x 2" bolts that attach the legs to the top tree. The nuts fit down in the legs with a little grinding.
Larrys VW Trike 1398.jpg
This is the neck from the motorcycle. It and the wheel are the only parts used from the motorcycle.
Larrys VW Trike 1399.jpg
This is the link. It is 5/8" x 2" flatbar. 1/2" is plenty, but this was free. I bent it with a Harbor Freight pipe bender.
Larrys VW Trike 1401.jpg
Just grind the 7/8" nut down and weld it into the 1.5" box tube for the legs.
Larrys VW Trike 1402.jpg
The front end mocked up and laid out.
Larrys VW Trike 1404.jpg
This is how the front end will look on the VW trike. The legs are probably a foot too long, but you can always cut more off.
Larrys VW Trike 1407.jpg
Here we have the 1/2" plate welded to the torsion, and the main beam welded to the 1/2" plate. The green channelis to hold up the rear of the floorboard and gusset the joint between the plate and beam.
Larrys VW Trike 1408.jpg
The main beam angles up at 45 degrees. Larry wanted a couple of bandaids to strengthen the joint.
Larrys VW Trike 1409.jpg
And the front end is welded up. The legs are about a foot too long. I'll cut them off and mount the wheel this weekend.
Larrys VW Trike 1410.jpg
This is the full frame so far. This will be another long one.
Larrys VW Trike 1411.jpg
Got it on three now.just bolted the rocker/link on tight. I'll get the shocks on this weekend.
Larrys VW Trike 1412.jpg
The shape of things to come. Just threw the seats and my old tank on to see how it looked.
Larrys VW Trike 1417.jpg
Anticipation!!! With the high cost of steel we are thinking about a 2x4 floor.
Larrys VW Trike 1439.jpg
Most of the rear frame is done. Just need the braces under the motor.
Larrys VW Trike 1444.jpg
Tank, storage box, and rear seat are mounted.  Got the new shocks mounted and the leading link is working much better.
Larrys VW Trike 1574.jpg
The 8 way adjustable seat and headlights are on. The 2x4 floorboards are turning to steel.
Larrys VW Trike 1576.jpg
New taillights and turn signals.
Larrys VW Trike 1585.jpg
Put in support for the pedals and test fit them. Just a little more floorboard.
Larrys VW Trike 1614.jpg
Floorboard is on, Pedals on, most of the paint done. Wiring is the biggest job left.
Larrys VW Trike 1617.jpg
Had to throw one in of both VW trikes.
Here is the "completed" VW trike. We all know that no VW trike is ever completed.