VW Trikes, Teardrop Trailers, and Other Toys

My Trikes

I wanted a place to post the trikes I built and it grew a little. I build 2-3 trikes a year, most of them with my good friend George.


George's Trikes

George has helped me with all my trikes, so I felt he should have a page of his own.


Brothers of the Third Wheel

The best Triker organization around.


Glad to be here.. built this over the last year from exercise equipment metal after buying the body in western Connecticut, getting an Engine for $40, picking up a rear subframe in trade for some Rims and a Springer in western Massachusetts for $200.. almost done! Videos document every step... 96 so far! Link is right below this line...


LOL of the day......

Arkansas State trooper pulls over a pickup truck on I-40. He says to the driver, "Got any ID?"
The driver says, 'Bout what?"

SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY !!!!!!!!!!! ...