VW Trikes, Teardrop Trailers, and Other Toys

My Trikes

I wanted a place to post the trikes I built and it grew a little. I build 2-3 trikes a year, most of them with my good friend George.


George's Trikes

George has helped me with all my trikes, so I felt he should have a page of his own.


Brothers of the Third Wheel

The best Triker organization around.


Giving my grandson braxton a ride on papaws tricycle my wife says ive created a monster. ...

A German pilot of 53 years of age died with a trike on Tuesday evening just before 21:00 pm schedule German in a four-lane highway on the state road 30 toward Biberach, as just before Baltringen. Your tricycle by still unknown causes came out of the right lane to the left, hitting the's guardrail capotando then being the pilot unfortunately played on the track and hit by another vehicle that came immediately behind. ...

Offer Starts august 01, 2015 ends September 30, 2015. ...